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Hammond Realty uses Berlinic Auctions Ltd. EXCLUSIVELY for our farmland auctions.


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“The Power of a Live Auction is a time proven sales method and should not be underestimated. There are no substitutions for the atmosphere, excitement & results created by holding a Live Auction.”

~ Wade Berlinic

We create auction “Events”, attractions so to speak, that provide an exciting atmosphere encouraging open friendly interaction between the auctioneer and Hammond Realty agents with the buyers prior to the start of the auction, continuing through the auction and completion of the farm contract of purchase and sale at the end of the auction.  We create live events that far exceed everyone’s expectations and has them looking forward to the next auction event.


Combined Live & Online Auction

  • The “Power” of a live auction is a time proven sales method and should not be underestimated.
  • There are no substitutions for the atmosphere and excitement created by holding a live auction.
  • The ability for the auctioneer and floor bid-spotters to interact directly with buyers enhances the service and results for sellers.
  • Face to face interaction with the auctioneer and Hammond Realty agents prior to the start of the auction for promoting and disclosing property information.
  • Properly advertised and well operated live auctions provide the true market price of any property at any given time.
  • Access to online bidding for buyers who are unable to attend in person.
  • Numerous setup options/variations depending on the property and requirements of the seller.
  • Buyers may attend in-person to bid live at the auction venue.
  • Buyers may watch and bid online through the HiBid auction platform.
  • Buyers may bid by proxy prior to the auction through Hammond Realty or Berlinic Auctions Ltd. or through the HiBid auction platform.
  • Buyers may arrange to place phone bids during the auction through a Hammond Realty agent or Berlinic Auctions Ltd.


Multi Seller Combined Live & Online Auction

  • Offers multiple sellers the option to combine their land into one large auction.
  • Possibly for a group of Sellers in a particular area. Auction to be held in the local community hall or at one of the farms in a large shed or shop.
  • Possibly for sellers with land spread throughout the province with the auction held in a central location like Regina or Saskatoon.
  • Sellers will all benefit from sharing the cost of putting on this type of auction.
  • The added exposure and interest that will be generated through this option will bring about an increase in the number of available buyers for all the sellers.


Timed Online Only Auctions

  • The continued evolution of software combined with the reach of the Internet has brought about an increase in the use of timed online auctions.
  • The ease of use for sellers, providers, and buyers is being readily accepted around the world.
  • Sellers like the ease of listing a quarter of farmland for a predetermined timeframe and then being able to watch the results from day to day.
  • Buyers appreciate the ability to watch the property they are interested in and bid at their leisure.
  • Depending on the amount of time the auction is running buyers may have additional time to negotiate financing if required.  Numerous setup options.
  • The cost of having a dual live and online auction is prohibitive for only 1 or 2 quarters.  The cost of a timed online only auction is accommodating to small packages or even a single quarter.

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